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  • 4 Emotional Benefits of Companion Care

    Watching our loved ones age is one of the most difficult things to do. It is hard to reconcile the view of our parents and grandparents as they once were, young and vital, and what age does to them, making them fragile. As they grow older, they will need more specialized care and attention, especially if they have certain medical conditions. And the sad reality of aging is that friends and close ...
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  • Experience the HomeWell Difference

    When a person ages, it can be harder for them to carry on with daily chores and activities. They may not be able to keep up as they once were able. It is particularly hard to see parents and grandparents get older. While you may want to help them with everything, it can be difficult when you have your own duties and responsibilities. That is why senior care services work well. However, how do you ...
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  • In-Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

    When you or your loved one is getting older, it can be difficult to decide what the best care option for them is. Although we would love to take care of our grandparents and parents, busy lives and children can make it difficult. After you make the difficult decision to hire some form of care, the question comes down to what the best avenue for them is. The most common care for seniors is either ...
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  • Six Benefits of Choosing In-Home Care

    As our loved ones age, they need more attention and care. As you age, you gain more responsibilities that might make providing this care difficult. At HomeWell Senior Care, we understand how difficult it can be to see our elderly friends and family suffer. However, nursing homes do not necessarily have to be the only option. We offer in-home care so that you and your loved ones can carry on with ...
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  • HomeWell Senior Care is Eliminating Boredom & Creating Engagement

    Many stereotypes surround seniors. People assume that as we get older, we become too tired, fragile, and incapable of doing new things and going on adventures. Sometimes, boredom can be just as debilitating as any illness. That is why at HomeWell Senior Care, we offer our residents many fun activities and hobbies to ensure there is never a dull moment. With our Life Enrichment Activities Program ...
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  • In-Home Care Vs. Hourly Care

    When it comes to the care of your elderly loved ones, you want to make sure they receive the best care. They spent their lives taking care of their families and it is time to return the favor. However, when it comes to senior care, many options are available to you. Two of the most popular services are in-home care and hourly care. Both plans have their advantages and can be beneficial to those ...
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