How to Know When It’s Time for Senior Care

One of the most difficult things to do is acknowledge that your elderly loved one may need more help than you can give them. As they age, they require more attention and care, which can be hard to provide when you have a list of other responsibilities you need to handle. You may have thought about assisted living, but do you know when it might be time to acquire additional help? At HomeWell, we want to make sure the seniors in your life receive the care they need.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

Knowing whether your loved one needs assisted living can be tricky. Here are some signs that may help you determine what is best.

  • Wandering – As individuals age, they become more forgetful and absentminded. This can cause them to walk around places they did not mean to go. Patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s are particularly prone to moving to places they should not. If your loved one moves around aimlessly, it might mean they need additional care.
  • Aggression – Displays of anger, both verbal and physical, can be signs of dementia or other mental conditions. It is hard to handle this if you are not trained. It can lead to pain or resentment. Allow trained assistants to help.
  • Recent Accidents – Has your loved one fallen recently? Do they have trouble moving around the home without hurting themselves? All of these require attention.
  • Worsening Health Conditions – As we age, our health deteriorates, it is only natural. However, this can mean the need for extra care especially with taking medications and staying healthy.
  • Lack of Personal Care – Have you noticed that your loved one has not washed regularly? Have they forgotten to groom or change into clean clothes? These can all be indicators that they may need help.

At HomeWell Senior Care, we are here to help you! We provided an array of services, including in-home and hourly care, geared towards helping your elderly loved one. Contact us today to learn more information.