In-Home Care vs. Nursing Home Care

When you or your loved one is getting older, it can be difficult to decide what the best care option for them is. Although we would love to take care of our grandparents and parents, busy lives and children can make it difficult. After you make the difficult decision to hire some form of care, the question comes down to what the best avenue for them is. The most common care for seniors is either nursing homes or in-home care. However, what is the difference, you may wonder.

Nursing Home Care

The primary trait of nursing home care is that an individual actually goes to live in a facility dedicated to their health and well-being. Nursing homes provide around-the-clock care from assistants and nurses. With this form of elder care, individuals go to live in the facilities, rather than have someone coming to them. It can be a good option for someone who cannot take care of himself or herself at all. However, it does cost more than in-home care and your loved one is away from the familiar.

Pros of Nursing Home Care:

  • 24/7 care
  • Regulated by the government
  • Licensed professionals and nurses

Cons of Nursing Home Care:

  • Higher costs each month
  • Not as much privacy
  • Away from family and loved ones

In-Home Care

In-home care is another option afforded to seniors. With this method of service, assistants and personal care-givers come to a person’s home. They usually help elders with things such as daily tasks, companionship, and medication verifications. This form of care allows seniors to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment while still receiving the attention they need.

Pros of In-Home Care:

  • You get to decide on a schedule
  • Can have 24/7 live-in care
  • Less expensive than nursing homes
  • Offers independence and privacy

Cons of In-Home Care:

  • Not regulated by the government
  • Medicare or Medicaid may not cover the costs

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