Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • Wearable Technology Helps Seniors Live At Home Longer

    Wearable technology is the latest thing in the high-tech world, and the innovative gadgets aren’t just for swimmers or long-distance runners. Wearable technology can help elderly people maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle and remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Wearable Technology—What is it? Wearable technology consists of computerized or electronic devices that are worn by ...
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  • Bladder Cancer Awareness

    One of the only national awareness days in July dedicated to raising awareness for the detection, treatment and prevention of Bladder Cancer. A key part of this is consistently new research to enhance our understanding for diagnosis and management of this disease. Your bladder is the part of your urinary system that stores urine and contracts or expands depending on how full it is. When it ...
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