Blog Posts in August, 2014

  • Professional Home Care: Top Solution to Ensure Patient Medication Management

    One of the most serious health challenges facing families with a senior or an ill person is “medication noncompliance,” also referred to as “non-adherence.” Whichever word you prefer to use, this legalese refers to people who fail to consistently take their medications exactly as the doctor prescribed them. There is no better way to ensure that medication adherence happens than having someone ...
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  • Prescription medication Safety for Seniors

    Studies indicate that one of every 10 seniors will be hospitalized due to an adverse reaction to drugs, and that the danger of an adverse reaction becomes more likely with increasing age. Elderly people are especially at risk if they live alone, have memory problems, or if they take multiple medications. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that one-third of people age 60 and older ...
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