Meet our Owner

Karen Heyse, Owner

Karen Heyse has a desire to put a smile on every one she comes in contact which has been the driver of her many years of success. Her combined education and experience as a mom, wife, leader and volunteer has provided her the passion to accomplish all things in life. Karen’s years of searching for the right meaningful career has led her to providing families in her community the services of enjoying life and smiling every day.

Karen has been a strong volunteer in many areas from education, animal adoptions, food bank, children, etc. She has served on many boards and committees, but the most memorable was her time at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona where she served on the Board of Directors, Co-Vice Chair, and Community Relation Committee.

Over the years, Karen experienced the passing of her grandmother with Alzheimer’s, grandfather with cancer and the passing of her mother. Watching her grandmother lose her memories of the times they had together knitting out in front of her home, cooking in the kitchen on the holidays, joys of her holding her great-granddaughter, and the list goes on, was hard for Karen. As a young child, Karen helped her mother through several medical conditions until her passing. She knew she had to find a place for her to help other families cherish their time with their loved ones. This is what has brought Karen to the HomeWell Family.

Karen holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and a Master’s in Management. Karen worked for 30 years within the county government and the power industry in various leadership roles. A few of her greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership.

Karen is committed to helping every family as if they are part of her own by finding the perfect HomeWell Personal Assistant to meet their needs.