About HomeWell of N. Colorado

John Kemp, Owner

John has a long history of and passion for giving back to the community. During his younger years, he assisted children with disabilities and worked with students from the Colorado School of the Deaf and Blind. He spent years volunteering as a YMCA coach and youth sports coach for his son and is currently involved with a local dementia support group and Veterans Helping Veterans Now.

He spent years setting up cancer support groups for seniors, families, and patients within the community.

John is a third-generation Colorado Native; he founded the Comprehensive Wellness Program at Colorado State University and has a Bachelor's degree in Wellness Management. He has over 25 years of experience working with hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and doctors. John believes owning a home care agency will not only help with seniors’ needs, but will also provide him with an opportunity to once again give back to the community.

As John started researching options for his parents, he developed a new passion: to operate the best home care agency in the region. Former teachers and friends’ parents, names John grew up knowing, were among his first clients.

While serving as a leader with companies in the healthcare industry, John was committed to building organizations known for excellence and developed a culture of always “doing the right thing.” He has since proven that that if you treat employees with respect—and then recognize and reward them for a job well done—they will share your passion and commitment to excellence.

HomeWell Senior Care of Northern Colorado is now accepting new clients, and looks forward to showing our clients and their families how HomeWell makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.