Hourly Care Services in Hackensack, Northeast New Jersey

Do you or a senior friend want to relax among the comforts and luxury of their own home, but aren’t willing to sacrifice their independence to do so?

At HomeWell of Northeast New Jersey, we excel in providing hourly care services throughout Northeast New Jersey, including Bergen County and Essex County. We’re fully bonded, licensed, and insured, and provide 24/7 service availability.

Benefits of Hourly Care Services

Thanks to the flexibility of our services, we can schedule hourly care to coincide with your personal schedule, creating a plan that fits your lifestyle. While helpful, often professional care can be burdensome or cause a strain on your existing commitments and hobbies. With our Hourly Care Service, such concerns are dispelled.

Outside of the promise of friendship and home-related services such as help with household chores, our assistance encompasses tasks outside the home, too. We’ll take you to the supermarket, help you pick up medications, ensure you make your physician's appointments, and facilitate movie nights with your pals.

Our Personal Assistants for Hourly Care Services

As we work with you to determine your lifestyle and particular set of needs, we’ll assign you a personal assistant that aligns with the level and variety of care you require. The personal assistant's job is also to keep patients mentally and physically stimulated in their homes.

Regardless of whether you desire assistance for getting around the house or traveling across town, we have medical care professionals ranging from homemaking professionals to certified nursing assistants. Discover the full spectrum of the personal assistant team members we have.

Take the First Step: Is Hourly Care Service Right for You or Your Loved One?

If you or a loved one is in need of anything from assistance with medication to help with caring for pets, our hourly care services are the right fit.

Bear in mind that at HomeWell, we have poured millions of hours into aiding tens of thousands of families and individuals. We have almost 20 years of experience under our belts and are uniquely positioned to help you or a loved one increase the quality of your life.

Our Northeast New Jersey office is ready to provide you with a complimentary in-home consultation to develop a plan for hourly care services that works for everyone in your family. Because we are a family-operated company, we treat each patient like they were our own mom or dad. Our personal assistants are available to visit 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Contact us at (201) 487-9220, or begin your assessment online today!

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