The Best Aerobic Exercise: Laughter

Residents of Brookdale, Florham Park started off July on a happy note when they were led in a session of Laughter Therapy by Pradep Nair of HomeWell Senior Care.

Three Elderly Men Laughing

Laughter is a Stress Buster

Laughter is one of the finest and easiest-to-practice anti-stress measures and one of the best muscle relaxants. It expands blood vessels and sends more blood to the extremities and other muscles all over the body. A good bout of laughter also reduces the levels of stress hormones epinephrine and cortisol. It can be said to be a form of dynamic meditation or relaxation. To mediate, one has to detach oneself from the emotions, mental thoughts and physical sensations so as to prevent distractions. On the other hand, while laughing, we do not have any conscious thought process and all our senses naturally and effortlessly combine harmoniously, to give joy, peace and relaxation. In other types of meditation you need to concentrate a lot to take your mind away from distracting thoughts, which is easier said than done. Therefore laughter is the easiest form of meditation and one which brings you instant relaxation.

Laughter Strengthens the Immune System

The immune system plays a most important role in maintaining good health and keeping away infections, allergies and cancers. It has been proved by psychoneuroimmunologists that all negative emotions like anxiety, depression or anger weaken the immune system of the body, thereby reducing its fighting capacity against infections. According to Dr. Lee S. Berk from Loma Linda University, California, USA, laughter helps to increase the count of natural killer cells (NK cells – a type of white cell) and also raises the antibody levels. Researchers have found that after laughter therapy there is an increase in antibodies (Immunoglobulin A) in the mucous on of the nose and respiratory passages, which is believed to have a protective capacity against some viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. There are many members of Laughter Clubs who have noticed reduced incidences of common colds, sore throats and chest infections have decreased. The effect of laughter on the immune system is considered to be very significant with regard to deadly diseases like AIDS and cancer.

Laughter is the Best Aerobic Exercise

The singular benefit almost everybody derives is a sense of well-being. After 15 minutes of laughter in the morning, they feel fresh throughout the day. No other medicine gives you such an instant result. The reason for the sense of well-being is that you inhale more oxygen while laughing. Laughter can be compared to any aerobic exercises. You don’t need to sweat hard on the jogging tracks. According to Dr. William Fry from Standford University, one minute of laughter is equal to 10 minutes on the rowing machine. In other words, laughter stimulates heart and blood circulation and is equivalent to any other standard aerobic exercise. Laughter exercise is suited for sedentary people and those who are confined to a bed or a wheelchair.

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