Spring is a Time of Longer Days and Brighter Light, in Nature and in History

Flowers are blooming and animals are waking from their winter sleep—the time of year when we celebrate the return of warmer weather and longer days. It is a time of new birth and new life in the animal kingdom, and a time of new ideas and inventions in human history.

A lot of history has happened throughout the years during the first month of spring. Here are some fun facts about March:

  • The Constitution of the United States went into effect in March 1789.
  • Yellowstone National Park became the U.S.’s first national park in 1872.
  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone and makes the world’s first telephone call to his assistant in the next room. His message? “Watson, come here—I want you!”
  • In 1931, the Star Spangled Banner was officially declared to be the U.S.’s National Anthem.
  • The board game Monopoly was invented in 1933.
  • Silly Putty was invented (1950).
  • In 1965, Cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov is the first person to walk in space.

March is Women’s History Month and holds the beginning of Deaf History Month, and a fantastic example of a history-making figure that is a beacon of accomplishment for both women and those born with physical handicap are Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. Sullivan is known as “the Miracle Worker” in March of 1887.

Keller was born without handicap but struck by a severe illness at the age of 19 months that left her deaf and blind. By the age of six, Helen had learned to write and by age 10 was skilled in Braille, the manual alphabet and could use a typewriter. She was the first blind-deaf person to earn a college degree, and eventually went on to lecture in more than 25 countries on the five major continents. She inspired millions during her lifetime and continues to inspire as a pivotal figure in history. Both women are remembered in history for their heart and determination, bringing light to those trapped in a world of darkness.

It is appropriate to celebrate such bright lights of humanity during a time of year when the days grow brighter. To learn more about Deaf History month, how you can make a difference, or to read more about the amazing Ms. Keller, see below.