Spontaneous laughter a method of relaxation

Madison, NJ–On July 17th, Laughter Therapy went off without a hitch at the Care One facility of Madison.

Seniors who participated enjoyed the health benefits of spontaneous laughter. While a young child laughs 300 times per day just for pleasure, as we age, the demands of every day life prompt us to become more serious and lose the capacity to do so. Laughter is involuntary and effortless, and it is contagious. It has nothing to do with language development or ability, because we laugh before we learn to speak.

Psychologically speaking, laughter decreases stress and makes us feel more relaxed. People with sadness and depression receive the same benefits from laughter that they would receive if they had exercise therapy. At the same time on a physiological level, laughter increases our pain tolerance and improves the function of our immune and cardiovascular systems.

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