Laughter yoga effective regardless of culture or background

HomeWell Senior Care’s July 14th visit to Merry Heart of Boonton gave seniors and residents the opportunity to enjoy their regular monthly Laughter Yoga session with Laughter Guru Pradep Nair.

Laughter yoga group raising their arms

Laughter Yoga is a blend of yogic deep breathing, easy stretching, self-generated laughter exercises and intentionally-cultivated childlike playfulness. The foundation principle of Laughter Yoga is that anyone can laugh, without needing a reason to laugh. One does not need to feel good first, witness comedy, hear jokes or even have a sense of humor. The health-building laughter protocol is effective regardless of differences in language or culture. Unconditional laughter is truly for everyone.

Laughter Yoga is based in unconditional laughter, not dependent on humor. Laughter had been set free from the demands of the “critical mind.” Laughter could now be practiced as a purely physical expression of joyfulness. This is why young, uninhibited children may laugh hundreds of times per day, while self-conscious adults may laugh fewer than fifteen times daily.

Now, thanks to Laughter Yoga, anyone and everyone can laugh with the joyful abandon of a child.