Laughter Therapy has benefits for Cancer Patients & Depression

In a visit to Holy Manor Genesis Healthcare of Mendham, New Jersey, HomeWell Senior Care of Morris County met to practice Laughter Therapy with residents. This form of therapy holds benefits for anyone, but this visit focused on both patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and those who are suffering from depression.

The immune system plays an important role in the causation and prognosis of cancer. In fact, cancer is most likely to occur because of a weak immune system. Most of the natural treatments for cancer are focused on strengthening the immune system to stem the rapid growth of cancer cells. Laughter therapy increases the count of natural killer cells which is an important component of the immune system and helps to overcome and destroy cancer cells.

Depression is the number one sickness in the world. Millions are spent on producing anti-depressant drugs, especially in the western world, where there is a high divorce rate and faulty relationship patterns are common. As a result, people feel lonelier and more isolated. Laughter Yoga provides incomparable benefits as a form of physical and mental therapy for depression. Laughter triggers the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain as well as helps people stay connected and share their feelings and emotions.

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