Laughter increases positive endorphins, reduces stress

HomeWell Senior care was at Sunrise of Randolph leading Laughter Yoga where residents learned that laughing increases positive endorphins, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. Even just anticipating something funny increases anti-viral, anti-tumor defenses, reports Dr. Lee Berk of the School of Medicine at Loma Linda University. The benefits of humor can last up to 24 hours.

Humor improves communication, creativity and overall performance in the workplace, says Dr. Chris Robert. He’s a psychology professor and researcher at the University of Missouri-Columbia who studied how laughter affects employees. He says, “The ability to appreciate humor, the ability to laugh and make other people laugh, actually has physiological effects on the body that cause people to become more bonded.

Watching just 15 minutes of a comedy show can alleviate worries about health or career. Texas A&M psychiatrist David H. Rosen found that a chuckle can replace negative thoughts with positive ones and help formulate a “plan of attack” for problems. This in turn increases feelings of self-worth, which makes overcoming obstacles even easier.


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