Laughter Eases the Mind, Allows for Self-Reflection

Mark Twain once said “before the assault of laughter nothing can stand.’ Laughter can be used as an assault on depression and memory loss for seniors. HomeWell Senior Care visited Arden Courts Whippany to lead a Twain-worthy round of Laughter Therapy for residents.

Laughter therapy enables clients to move closer to the core of their patterns of survival. Since these patterns developed in order to help the child survive, any attempt to alter them raises the client’s anxiety. The “child within,” whose feelings are protected by the pattern, fears that it will die if it is altered in any way. Laughter provides a means of changing things that feels safer. When seniors laugh, their total selves move with energy. They will not be stymied by their pain. Their thoughts, made more spontaneous by laughter, create greater flexibility. As they laugh more and more readily, they regain self-confidence. They fear change less.

Eased by their laughter, seniors are more willing to find out who they really are.