HomeWell Senior care was at Lake Hiawatha Public Library, Lake Hiawatha, NJ

HomeWell senior care leading provider of Home Care services in Morris County was at Lake Hiawatha Public Library, Lake Hiawatha, NJ leading Laughter Therapy session for residents and seniors.

"A good belly laugh leads to the release of endorphins from the brain," says Michael Miller, director of the Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

That release sets off a cascade of heart-healthy biological events. Endorphins, pleasure-inducing neurotransmitters, activate receptors on the surface of the endothelium, the layer of flat cells lining blood vessels. That leads to the release of nitric oxide, which widens blood vessels—increasing blood flow, lessening inflammation, inhibiting platelet clumping, and reducing the formation of cholesterol plaque.

A2005 study by Miller measured the blood flow of 20 volunteers before and after watching a funny movie and a sad movie. After the sad movie, blood flow was more restricted in 14 of the 20 viewers. But after the movie that made them laugh, average blood flow increased by 22 percent.

"The best laugh is one that brings tears to our eyes," says Miller, author of Heal Your Heart: The Positive Emotions Prescription to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, scheduled for publication by Rodale Press in September. His prescription: at least 30 minutes of exercise at least three times a week—and 15 minutes of daily laughter.

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