HomeWell Senior care was at Cornell Hall Care & Rehabilitation Center, Union, NJ

HomeWell senior care leading provider of Home Care services in Morris County was at Cornell Hall Care & Rehabilitation Center, Union, NJ leading Laughter Therapy session for seniors and residents.

Many research supports that Laughter therapy has therapeutic value. For number of years doctors and surgeons have used humor to distract patients from as early as the 13th century. In the mid 20th century came the scientific study of the effect of humor on physical wellness. Many credit this to Norman Cousins. After years of prolonged pain from a serious illness, Cousins claims to have cured himself with a self-invented regimen of laughter and vitamins. In his 1979 book Anatomy of an Illness, Cousins describes how watching comedic movies helped him recover.

Over the years, researchers have conducted studies to explore the impact of laughter on health. After evaluating participants before and after a humorous event (i.e., a comedy video), studies have revealed that episodes of laughter helped to reduce pain, decrease stress-related hormones and boost the immune system in participants.

Today more than ever before, people are turning to humor for therapy and healing. Medical journals have acknowledged that laughter therapy can help improve quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses. Many hospitals now offer laughter therapy programs as a complementary treatment to illness.

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