HomeWell Senior care was at Berkeley Heights Rehabilitation Center, Berkeley Heights, NJ

HomeWell senior care leading provider of Home Care services in Morris County was at Berkeley Heights Rehabilitation Center, Berkeley Heights, NJ leading Laughter Therapy session for residents and seniors.

Laughter activates the brain to learn

One of the best learning application that may help your toddler be the trigger that makes her laugh.

If you let your 12 to 18 month old daughter play some learning games on your Tablet. If you choose the one that makes her laugh with the silly funny animal that popes running around the screen is better than the serious one that teach numbers and alphabets.

Rana Esseily (2015) conducted research on babies as young 18 months old. There are many research studies that show that when children laugh, it enhances their motivation, memory and learning.

The children in the group who did a task in a way that made them laugh learned the target actions more than those in the control group who were not laughing during the learning period. Esseily hypothesizes that laughter helps as dopamine is released while laughing that enhances learning. There are number of research that proves Laughing brain activities for adults too.

Here’s the research:

Esseily, Rana, L. Rat-Fischer, E. Somogyi, K. O’Regan, and J. Fagard. 2015. “Humour production may enhance observational learning of a new tool-use action in 18-month-old infants.” Cognition and Emotion, 1-9 DOI: 10.1080/02699931.2015.1036840

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