Gelotology: The Science of Laughter

Morris County, NJ–A visit from Pradep Nair of HomeWell Senior Care to residents Pine Acres in Madison gave them the opportunity to experience the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

The experience of laughter raises one’s “frequency” to help with the healing process. In the duality of life – it’s laughter and positive programming (genetics) vs. tears and personality disorders – usually anxiety and depression.

Laughing is a reaction to certain stimuli–fundamentally stress–and serves as an emotion-balancing mechanism. Traditionally it is considered a visual expression of happiness or an inward feeling of joy. It may ensue from hearing a joke or being tickled, as well as other stimuli. In most cases, it is a very pleasant sensation.

Humans are not the only ones who benefit from laughter as a social group. It is a behavior found in a variety of species, although it is rare in most mammals and animals overall. Laughter is a part of human behavior regulated by the brain, helping humans clarify their intentions in social interaction and providing an emotional context to conversations.

Used as a signal for being part of a group, laughter signals acceptance and positive interactions with others. It is sometimes seen as contagious, and the laughter of one person can itself provoke laughter from others in a cycle of positive feedback. This may account in part for the popularity of laugh tracks in “situation comedy” television shows.

The physiological process of laughter is when the epiglottis constricts the larynx. The study of humor and laughter and its psychological and physiological effects on the human body is called gelotology.

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