Benefits of Laughter

There are many wonderful benefits we get from belly laughing. When HomeWell Senior Care of Morris County led a rousing sessions of Laughter Yoga for residents at Lester Senior House, the seniors there experienced some of the benefits of a good chuckle, such as the following:

  1. Stretching muscles in our cheeks, mouth, diaphragm, arms, legs and belly
  2. Taking deeper breaths and getting oxygen to all the cells of our body
  3. Elevated heart rate and improved blood flow
  4. Strong laughter can burn calories
  5. As we de-stress, our immune system gets a natural boost
  6. As we relax, our sleep can be better
  7. Because of its social nature, we strengthen our relationships with others
  8. Improved mental attitude and lessened depression

Can you think of anymore? Comment below with other benefits of laughter you’ve experienced!