About HomeWell of Fort Bend

Meet Our TeamVaishali Nileshwar - HomeWell of Fort Bend Owner

With a career as an Occupational therapist spanning 25+ years, Vaishali has a deep understanding of and a passion for enabling people to lead healthier and happier lives. Vaishali’s treatment philosophy as an occupational therapist has always been guided by the firm belief that recuperating individuals have a better outlook on life and heal faster when living in their home. During her career, Vaishali has strived to ensure that people under her care have returned to their home if they so desired, because every person deserves to live comfortably in the security of their own home.

Vaishali began her career at an inpatient rehabilitation facility where she worked closely with recovering patients, physicians, social workers, nurses, nursing assistants and therapists from other disciplines and with the families to ensure a safe return to their home. She is in the unique position of understanding the challenges faced by both loving families and dedicated clinicians to find the perfect homecare solution for their patients and loved ones. A search for better options for her patients is what led Vaishali to HomeWell to become a trusted provider of compassionate care.

Vaishali is an active member of her community, and when she is not working as an occupational therapist, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her other interests include travel, photography, reading and fitness.