Donald deLaski

Owner HomeWell of Fairfield and New Haven Counties

Don deLaski is passionate and strongly dedicated to the belief that seniors deserve the very best care there is to offer which is the reason he started HomeWell of Fairfield and New Haven Counties. Don believes that each generation has a duty to care for seniors with deep compassion and understanding. As our parents age, they continue to remain loved and relevant to their family and friends. Our duty as compassionate families is to care for those who cared for us. While many families hold these strong values, the demands of daily life make it difficult to meet all the needs of aging parents.

Don has made several contributions to the community. He has worked at a community health organization where he helped people with disabilities find meaningful employment; he has been a board member of the Mt. Kisco Food Bank; and he was a contributing board member of ASTEP, an organization dedicated to helping young people with autism.

Don is an inspirational leader who has held CEO positions at several service companies over the past 15 years. He understands how to operate a successful business, offer quality services, prioritize customer service, and listen compassionately to his client’s needs. Don believes that “hiring top notch personal assistants and being consistently there for his clients, will lead HomeWell to being the #1 companion care agency in Connecticut.”