Why You Need a Medical Power of Attorney For Your Loved Ones

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Let’s talk a little about a Medical Power of Attorney.

This is a very important document that lets you make sure you have your loved one’s wishes in writing, in a legal form that physicians and hospitals will adhere to.

It’s important to have this done as soon as possible, so that everybody’s on the same page. This way when your loved one hits certain stages and decisions have to be made, you have their wishes in mind.

The Medical Power of Attorney will name a person, chosen by your loved one, to carry out those wishes. It will also mention some of your loved one’s wishes for their care.

Why You Also Need a Directive to Physicians

Another document it is important to have along with the Medical Power of Attorney is the Directive to Physicians. This is exactly what it sounds like. It is a document in which your loved one specifies what kind of care they want in certain situations. It covers things like situations in which they might want their life to end peacefully instead of being prolonged, and what kind of care they want if they are transported to a hospital so that life can continue.

It is very important to have both of these documents: the Medical Power of Attorney that names a person to carry out their wishes, and a Directive to Physicians to spell out in detail exactly what those wishes are.

As life continues and your loved one gets a little older, they might want to also consider a Do Not Resuscitate. This states that under certain conditions, such as if someone’s heart stops or their breathing stops, they don’t want any measures taken to save their life. Unlike what you see on television, CPR is a pretty rough experience, especially for older people.

Having these conversations with your loved ones are difficult (And we know just how difficult they can be!) but are important to have early on so that everyone is on the same page before something happens.

And that’s really what we’re here for—to give our loved ones the life that they want to have, and that we want to give them, and carry out their wishes in their later stages of life. If you have questions regarding any other documents you may need along the way, please give us a call.