Senior Care Allen TX - Why Choose Us

Two Elderly women and an Elderly Man

Why Our Clients Choose Us

We’re often asked why people choose us to care for their loved ones. We can give you a list of reasons, but we think the best way to show you why people choose us is to give you some real-world examples of our work.

We have one client who is required to work full-time, out of the home. Her husband has full-onset Alzheimer’s, and he needs some help during the day. When we asked her why she chose us she said it was very simple: She had been given the names of several agencies, but when she sat down with Leslie and Jean, our registered nurse, she immediately felt comfortable with them. She knew she was going to have to get up every morning and leave her husband in the care of others, and she wanted to be very comfortable with the people she chose. She said she knew immediately that she would choose us, based on that feeling of comfort. She interviewed two or three other organizations after us, but she says she knew that we were going to be the right ones to care for her husband.

Providing Care vs Caring

This is a wonderful testament to the tone that we have set within the company. We want to provide care, but we also want to be caring—and those are two different things! You can be a great caregiver, with the best skills and the greatest personality. But if you are not willing to give of yourself over others, you will probably not be very comfortable working here because we believe in going above and beyond of taking care not just of our clients, but their families as well. We don’t take on clients—we take on families! It’s incredibly important for us to do this because the relationships that we develop with our clients and their families are lifelong. We have made some wonderful relationships that we treasure daily.

How We Go Above and Beyond:

When we started this company, we never imagined building relationships with our clients’ families at the depth that we do. But this is one of the wonderful payoffs of being in a business that’s designed and focused on serving others. Of course, we are in business here, but there’s that caring piece that is essential to what we do, and not everything we do comes with a paycheck. For instance, when Leslie decides that Mr. James probably has expired milk in his refrigerator because he wants to save a few extra pennies, she’ll bring him a half gallon of milk on her regular visit to him. That’s caring.

When Miss Susan is at home and can’t get out and can no longer drive, but mentions to Leslie that she really would love to have some soup, Leslie might drop by later that day with some soup. It’s incredible for us to be able to make these moments happen for our clients.

We know you have a lot of choices when you’re looking for someone to care for your family. But when it comes to caring, Homewell Senior Care of Collin County is your best choice. Call us today to schedule an assessment for your loved one.