How We Help Seniors Avoid Loneliness

Elderly Woman smiling at flowers

Did you know that when we come in to do home care, we offer so much more than helping with daily tasks, or cooking or cleaning?

One of the most important things we offer is a social component that people lose when they’re restricted to their home, especially if they’re not driving any more. They start feeling lonely. They feel like they’re missing out on the things they used to be able to do.

Tasks we take on:

We can come in and help them go to the grocery store, or maybe to church. We can take them around to stores if they want to do some shopping. In short, we can help them get out and stay connected with society. They still have a lot to offer, and they still have that need to be connected.

Frequency of care:

We can do this two or three times a week, or several hours a day, whatever they need to help them stay connected. This is so important for people who live alone, or who have lost a loved one, and no longer have someone to partner with or talk to.

Meeting emotional needs:

This is something for you to keep in mind if you’re taking care of a parent, or checking in on your parents. Notice how they need to stay connected in ways other than them just being at home and you coming by once in a while to check on them. They need that social connection.

So think of us as more than just people who come in and help with tasks. We are here to help your loved ones with their physical needs, but also their emotional needs. We are also companions, and will help your loved ones stay connected. Do you have a loved one who needs a little companionship? Give us a call for details on how we can help.