How Home Care Compliments Assisted Living:

Wheels on a wheelchair with a man's feet

One thing that we are often asked is, why should someone choose our in-home services, instead of moving to an independent living or assisted living community? People tend to look at these as either-or situations, but they’re actually not. You could have a mix of both a special community, and our in-home assistance.

Steve’s Story:

In my family, my Mother In Law got tired of taking care of things at home, like roof leaks and air conditioner repairs. Over time she decided that she wanted to move to an independent living community. However, independent living didn’t really offer her the level of care that she needed. So she used a combination. She lived in her independent living community, and she brought in someone from a home care agency to help her with some tasks a couple of times a day.

What Most People Experience:

You will find out, in this journey of being a senior or taking care of a senior, that the communities you join don’t always have the level of care, or can provide the level of care, that your loved one really needs. That’s not at all meant to take away from what these communities offer, because they offer a lot. But sometimes we have folks who are in the independent and assisted living communities that need a little bit more time with people to help them out, and that’s where we can come in. We can partner with that community and give your loved one that added attention, whether it’s coming in a couple or a few hours a day, or periodically every other day, to help with showers, bathing, grooming, anything they might need.

So as you make these decisions in your journey of senior living, keep those kinds of things in mind. And if you think we can ever help you, or you want to talk about the possibilities of what your loved one might need, just give us a call!

We’re here to help you!