Holistic Care Management Allen TX

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We get a lot of calls about what we call “holistic care management.” We’d like to share with you a little about what we do in the Allen TX area to help people negotiate the health care maze.

Why it’s needed:

For instance, imagine this scenario: Mom is admitted to a hospital for a number of reasons. She does well, but the hospital stay taxes her physically and she needs some sort of physical therapy.

She might be discharged back home with home health to provide nursing and physical therapy sessions.

Or, she might be discharged to a skilled nursing facility for physical therapy. She might be there for a couple of weeks, or she could be there for several weeks. What happens then? Based on the level of physical strength that she gains during that process it could be that she could go back home, or it could be that she needs to go into another facility such as assisted living or memory care. Or, she might qualify to go into a skilled nursing environment.

How we prepare your family for the unexpected:

But a lot of times when families start having this experience with a loved one, they don’t know what to expect. Part of our role is to help not only clients, but clients’ families, learn what to expect, what’s going to happen, and what kind of care/level of care they can expect. We can help you understand the different paths that your loved one and you can follow, as they start to age and need certain types of care.

These are all hard lessons for families to learn. Often when families are not familiar with how health care works for aging loved ones, they tend to think that their family member will be discharged, and go to one particular facility, and that will be that, everything will be managed and taken care of. But this is simply not the case. The level and type of care that we would hope for our loved ones doesn’t always work out the way we think it should go. There are different options and many different things to consider along the way.

We help people negotiate that health care maze, get them ready for the next steps, we support them on a day to day basis, each step of the way.

We want you to know that we are not just a home care agency that goes into homes and provides care. We also have the ability to help clients and their families negotiate the health care maze and know what’s coming up before it happens. Do you know someone who could use our help? Please share this with them. Thank you.