Downsizing Tips For Seniors
in Allen, TX

Elderly Couple Smiling with packed boxes behind them

Downsizing Tips For Seniors in Allen TX

As our parents get older, sometimes they start to think about downsizing. Maybe they’re in a two-story home that the family grew up in, and they have way too much house for what they need. Or sometimes they’re in a manageable home, but they just can’t take care of the home like they used to—the chores, the yard work, everything that goes into taking care of a house.

We want to share with you 5 tips to help you help your senior family members to downsize.

1. Heritage Ranch and other retirement communities

Many folks in the Allen and Fairview areas are looking at communities such as Heritage Ranch in Fairview. What makes Heritage Ranch unique is that all the homes are smaller than your typical houses. They’re not tiny by any means, but smaller so that they’re more manageable. And even better, many amenities are right there on the property. You’ve got golf, a Country Club, dining, events—all right there in the local community! Plus, you can’t buy a house here unless you’re at least 55 years old. Many seniors enjoy this because not only are they living in a smaller, more manageable home, but they don’t have to go as far to enjoy the lifestyle that they’re used to, and with their peers! All their neighbors are folks in their same situation. And it’s a beautiful place to live. We highly recommend that you check out Heritage Ranch!

2. Hire a specialist

Hire a company like Caring Transitions Caring Transitions specializes in senior relocation, whether it’s going from a home to assisted living or a house to a smaller home or apartment, they facilitate the entire process from de-cluttering to the move and everything in between. Their main focus is to help seniors. They can also manage estate sales and online auctions for anyone who may need those services.

3. Have a garage sale

Help your Mom and Dad host a garage sale! When you do this, keep in mind: You obviously want to get rid of things they’re no longer using and no longer need. But we encourage you to encourage them to hold on to memories. They can go overboard here and want to keep everything, so you’ll need to help them to decide what to keep and what to let go. But it’s important for them to hold on to nostalgic items, especially if your parents are not living near a lot of family members. Holding on to these nostalgic items can help them to not feel so lonely.

4. Organize their documents

Help them to organize their documents. When your parents are downsizing, this is a great time to help them organize their documents such as their estate planning paperwork, a power of attorney if you need one, their will—all the important documents that you and they need to keep up with. This is a great time to ask, “Oh yeah, where is that file with your paperwork ….?” That way you can make sure that everything is organized and that you know where it is in the new home.

5. Assess the situation—maybe they don’t need to downsize yet

This is where we come in! Sometimes you assess the situation and find that your loved ones don’t actually need to downsize, they just need a little bit of help in those areas that we talked about at the beginning of this blog. Maybe they just need a little help cleaning up or preparing meals. They’re very independent and can manage most of it, but they just need a little bit of extra care. That’s where we can come in, and provide full-time care or just pop in for an hour or two during the day. Whatever they need!

Hopefully, these tips will help your parents or your other loved ones make an easy transition to a more manageable and comfortable home. Give us a call if you have questions or if we can help you in any way. And if you know anyone who can use this information, please share this blog with them!