HomeWell of Cincinnati: A Message from the Owners

Chris Visalli & Dave Gilbert — Owners

Chris Visalli, Owner

HomeWell Senior Care has been operating successfully in Cincinnati since 2006. 11 years ago owners Dave Gilbert and Chris Visalli, a father and daughter team, saw a need to provide a home care service to seniors that not only provided a much needed service for in home care to seniors, but a service focused on compassion, integrity, reliability and professionalism.

Chris being a RN, working at a local hospital often saw patients going home without supplemental assistance and wanted to help. She saw the need to provide a service to seniors that wanted to be at home and just needed some help to stay there. At this time she approached her father, Dave, and suggested they open a home care service to help older adults stay at home where they want to be.

Chris and Dave decided on HomeWell Senior Care due to the commitment, support and overall philosophy of the HomeWell franchise to help them provide the best possible care to seniors.
Dave Gilbert, Owner

10 years strong and continuing to grow each year. Chris and Dave strive for excellence in the care they provide to their clients and families and will continue to work hard moving forward.

Our clients over the years have also made a huge impact on not just our lives but all our staffs’ lives as well. The relationships built, the stories told and the ongoing support our client’s have provided HomeWell has simply been great. As we all know we can’t have a successful business without great clients and we would like to thank all out past, current and future clients for trusting us to come into your home and provide you with care.

Over the last 11 years we have seen numerous changes and challenges and remain excited about the future and what we can achieve and improve to make HomeWell Senior Care the number one senior care provider in Cincinnati.

Lastly, from all of us at here at HomeWell, thank you for a great 11 years, we look forward to many more to come.

Lastly, from all of us at here at HomeWell, thank you for a great 10 years—we look forward to many more to come.

Dwayne Sansom – Business Manager

Dwayne Sansom – Business ManagerDwayne has been with HomeWell since November 2014. After starting in a sales role, Dwayne has transitioned into HomeWell and now takes care of the business management and operations. Dwayne’s focus is to ensure HomeWell is hiring quality staff that will complement HomeWell’s values and provide the best care possible to our clients. Dwayne’s background in Banking and Finance in Australia, working within the business sector. He has brought these skills to HomeWell and is very approachable.

Gina Earsley – Lead Scheduler

Gina Earsley – Lead Scheduler

Gina started with HomeWell in May 2015 and is our lead scheduler. After moving to Cincinnati in 2008, Gina worked as staffing scheduler for a large retirement community for six years before HomeWell Senior Care was lucky enough to have her come onboard. Gina’s past experience includes training caregivers, providing direct care to seniors, and supervising staff in retirement facilities. Gina’s experience has provided her with a high level of compassion and understanding of what seniors need from their in-home care providers, from making sure shifts are filled to ensuring caregivers are providing each client with the care they deserve and need. Outside work, Gina loves to spend time with her family.