Prahlad and Michael met in late 2006 when they started working at an offshore oil & gas engineering company. While they both attended the University of Texas at Austin Engineering School concurrently (Prahlad for a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Michael for a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering), they did not meet until their professional careers crossed paths. They immediately formed a friendship due to their complimentary personalities, shared interest in sports, and shared experiences during the time they spent at the University of Texas. They both worked side-by-side for the same company for 10 years, both reaching the title of Principal Engineer (Prahlad was also the Technical Manager of the Aberdeen Office).

Over the 10+ years they spent working together at the same company, their friendship and professional respect for the other strengthened based on their solid work ethics. In late 2016, they both decided to leave the oil & gas industry to pursue a joint business venture. After spending several months vetting various business opportunities in many fields, they decided that Senior Home Care was a field that would allow them to apply their organizational, management, and business development skills attained during their previous professional employment to provide a service that gives back. They signed with HomeWell Senior Care in January 2017 to bring their services to the Greater Houston Area as the first location in Houston.

Their primary drive is to build a company they can take pride in by providing the best service possible. Understanding that the company is completely built on the clients they serve and the employees that provide the service to our clients, they strive to place client satisfaction and employee morale and training as the top core principals of their business.