Meet Our Team

Get to know the caring group of people behind Homewell of Fairfield County.

Donald deLaski

Owner HomeWell of Fairfield County

Don deLaski is passionate and strongly dedicated to the belief that seniors deserve the very best care available and it is our duty to provide that care with deep compassion, gentleness and understanding. It is for that reason that he started HomeWell of Fairfield County. As our parents and loved-ones age, they want to remain independent and active in their own home, but that is not always the safest choice. Though we want to care for those who cared for us, often the demands of daily life make it difficult to meet all the needs of aging parents. Don started HomeWell of Fairfield County knowing that the combination of his commitment to our seniors and his business expertise would allow him to provide unsurpassed care to the seniors of our community to whom he is so devoted.

Don is an inspirational leader who has held CEO positions at several service companies over the past 15 years. He understands how to operate a successful business, offer quality services, prioritize customer service, and, most importantly, listen carefully to his clients’ needs. Don believes that “hiring only the most experienced and compassionate care givers, combined with complete customer support 24 hours/day, every day, will provide our clients with complete peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are receiving only the best possible care.”

Coupled with his deep convictions regarding elders, Don volunteers throughout our community. He has helped people with disabilities find meaningful employment through a local community health organization, donated time as well as served as a board member at the local Food Bank, and was a contributing board member of ASTEP, an organization dedicated to assisting adults with autism find employment. In addition to his service work, Don, an empty nester father of three, enjoys spending most of his free time with family and friends.